Beginner's Guide to Email Verification
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Beginner’s Guide to Email Verification

Beginners Guide to Email Verification

Beginner’s Guide to Email Verification

Beginners Guide to Email Verification

Email marketing is becoming an increasingly important marketing outlet. Not only is it a greener way to market but it is also one of the most cost-effective. However, there are a number of caveats to effective e-mail marketing. The first is making sure that your email list is accurate and that emails are actually reaching their intended recipient. The second is making sure that people you are sending marketing emails to actually want to be receiving them. This is where email verification comes in. Here is a beginner’s guide to email validation and why it is important.


Why is email validation important?

Keeps your emails out of spam folders.

In addition to making sure the individual actually wants to receive emails from you, making sure you are sending emails to legitimate addresses will also keep your emails from ending up in spam folders. Most email hosting sites use algorithms to determine the quality of marketing emails. If you regularly send emails to addresses that don’t exist, they will “hard bounce.” If you have enough hard bounces, you are likely to be categorized as a bot or a “low-quality marketer” and your emails will automatically be sent to spam folders.


Helps accurately determine causes of low conversion rates

There are a number of analytic tools that can tell you how successful your email marketing campaigns are based on conversion rates. What analytics can’t tell you, however, is why people are not responding. If people simply are not getting your emails in the first place, you have no way of knowing that is what is happening. Email validation helps to ensure up front that your marketing emails are actually reaching their designated recipient, which can help you eliminate that as a reason you may have low conversion rates.


Help you personalize your campaigns better

While initial email verification is important, it is also important to clean out your list every once in a while to make sure all the people on your list are still interested in receiving your emails and that their addresses are still valid. When it comes to an effective email list, quality trumps quantity every time. Having a smaller email list can also help you target your emails specifically to a certain market segment. Email verification helps keep your email lists from

how to validate emails with tools


How do you validate emails?

Validating emails is simple with an email verification tool. Best of all, it does all the work for you. Just enter in the information from your email list and the email verification tool will send an initial email requesting a response. If the email goes to the right address and the individual genuinely wants to be on your email list, they will respond and be added to the list. If they do not respond, they are not added to the list.

This will keep you from sending out dozens if not hundreds of emails to a wrong address or a person not actually interested in your product or service. While a person who is added to an email list can always unsubscribe, it is better to not add people in the first place who don’t genuinely want to be added.

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