How Whois Database Download Assists in Cybercrime Investigation
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How Whois Database Download Assists in Cybercrime Investigation

cybercrime investigation with whois database

How Whois Database Download Assists in Cybercrime Investigation

cybercrime investigation with whois database

Over the last couple of years, Cyber Crime has captured the world by surprise, especially at how much it is growing in prominence. Unlike before, it is now not just about the number of criminal activities; the scope has extended to include the scale of the crimes and even the techniques adopted by the perpetrators. This has forced Cyber Security professionals globally to exercise more vigil and work overtime’ to not only prevent these crimes, but also identify them beforehand, and react appropriately.

One of the most effective ways is using Whois Database download. And here is why:

Domain Record Search:

One of the best resources to Cyber Professionals while investigating cyber threats is domain records. These records are crucial in identifying whether or not a site is potentially risky, or relates to a cyber-theft case. Several factors can pinpoint potential malice including a recent domain date, a close domain expiration date, different locations for the company and registrant address, as well as registrants originating from high-risk nations among others.

These are among the many fundamental points from which professionals can start out their investigations in their efforts to curb and eventually halt the effects of malicious websites on unsuspecting individuals. The Whois database can provide this and much more insight on domain records. Through this insight, they can also pinpoint other related networks and sites and subsequently pull them down, if necessary.

WhoisXmlApi Reverse search:

The Whois Database features an exclusive search option known as Reverse WhoisXmlApi (search). This feature is particularly useful since it can assist professionals in researching on and acquiring domain records for the various distinct search term(s). As such, professionals can perform an extensive search and focus it on limited information to avail all the relevant corresponding details. Professionals can make queries on the various term(s) in the massive Whois Record such as Phone number, Email address, the name of a company, and even individual name among others.

After the domain records have come back, the professionals can then identify various domains as well as their corresponding operations according to the distinct query term(s). With this, professionals can identify sham entities and also monitor any suspicious actions from a sole source.
whois database search for professionals

Background Checks:

In the process of registration of credit cards, authorities/security officials can perform a background check on the particular email addresses given, and if they are malicious, they can subsequently get flagged. With this, they can help avert massive losses by the firms issuing the credit cards. Downloading the Whois database can help professionals easily discover and eradicate credit card fraud.

DNS (Domain Name System) Tracking:

One of the most crucial steps to assisting in the prevention of cyber theft is well-timed DNS tracking. Typically, queries can usually be dome on distinct IP addresses, and the searches will outline every domain records linked to this IP. In the event a fake domain is identified, its subsequent IP can be traced.

Moreover, any other associated domains found on this IP can also be certified by professionals, and suitable measures can as such be taken. Security officials normally cross-reference various domain names in the particular Whois database together with other relevant DNS (data) points for more correct and accurate information. As such, it helps identify and eradicate fraudulent sites.


The well-constructed, accurate, and steadfast Whois records from the massive Whois database can be the next big thing in Cybercrime investigation, detection, and eventual eradication. The Whois database offers security professionals a reliable and valid alternative to help keep cyber theft at bay, and maybe, just maybe, completely eradicate it!
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