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About This Project

We change everything WordPress. One WP theme at a time.

Colorlib was founded in 2013 by Aigars Silkalns to serve as resource where he could show his results from learning web development. It started as learning experiment but soon turned into more than that.

About Colorlib in 2014

(posted on early 2014)

This website serves around 300,000 page views each month and most of the traffic comes from US, UK, Australia, Japan and Germany. Out themes are downloaded over 200,000 in less than one year and hopefully we can double this number by end of 2014 (hopefully we will remember to update this number when the time comes).

About Colorlib in 2015

Today I noticed that this section needs a massive update to included how well we were doing in 2014. We closed 2014 with 450,000 visitors on average and whooping 900,000 pageviews a month. Our themes have been downloaded over 600,000 times. We have come a long way and there is not sign for slowing down and we think that we have just started our journey.

We are looking to contribute to WordPress community by releasing free WordPress themes but you can expect from premium features and premium themes as well.

This project is entirely run by one personal but currently Colorlib is seeking for someone who could to make this website even more useful for WordPress community.

If you are interested in doing business with us, please contact us.

About Colorlib in 2019

Millions of pageviews a month, tons of news themes and templates are added on daily bases and we have just started.

It wasn’t a serious business until around 2017 but now organization have changed significantly and more great things to come in the following years decades to come.